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When visiting Berwick experience the beautiful countryside that surrounds the town. The trails and walking routes show off Northumberland. Walking is a really good way to explore the town and its history. Walks around the historic walls of Berwick will take about 45 minutes and are a great way to appreciate the spectacular craftsmanship of the town’s defences whilst enjoying the views over the town and the North Sea. The Castle and Ramparts are open all year round and entry is free.

There are lots of brilliant walks around Berwick which pay attention to the architecture and the history of the town. Berwick has a fascinating Barleycorn heritage, shipping out barely through the port and malting the grain for brewing and whiskey distilling in the building which is the ‘Maltings’ Art Centre. The Barleycorn Trail will take about an hour and a half and should begin either at the Tourist Information Centre in Marygate or at the town’s Barracks.

To escape from the hustle and bustle and feel the wind in your hair, try some of the more scenic walks outside of the town. Enjoy sightings of wild birds and hawks, herons and even grey seals on the banks of the harbour. The footpaths and bridal networks make it easy to follow routes, whether they are short leisurely strolls or longer challenging hikes, Northumberland is the best place for walking with lots of walker friendly accommodation.

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