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Fishing on the River Tweed


The Tweed has a world famous reputation, running through Berwick and the Scottish Borders, forming a historic boundary between Scotland and England and acting as one of the best salmon rivers in the UK with people visiting from all over the world for Berwick Fishing. Best known as a salmon river but it also contains good stocks of brown trout and grayling. Regarded as a Scottish river but the last 19 miles extend into the English river banks where we take pride of knowing that there is a river that produces more fly caught fish that any other river in Britain. There are 2 ½ miles of single bank fishing and half a mile of double bank fishing, with easy wading on both sides. Wild fly fishing can be an exhilarating experience and also quite daunting, so why not speak with a Berwick Fishing guide and improve your chances of landing a prime catch. Choosing the right flies is of the upmost importance when looking to have a successful day on the river and there are plenty of tackle shops and online experts to buy from in the area.

Local Fishing Season

The longest season of any salmon river in the country, the Berwick fishing season runs from 1st February through to the 30th November, with fishing Monday to Saturday. Anglers can take up the opportunity to spin for salmon from the 15th month. March sees the water temperature increase and levels rise, encouraging salmon to move more freely and improving the number of catches. Summer months are very popular when the selection of fish in the river increases; the excellent fishing can be enjoyed at very reasonable rates. Autumn fishing on the Tweed brings in keen fishermen from across the globe for the big black-end fish run. This time of year is when migratory fish head up the river to spawn so the amount of fish in the river is quite staggering; it is a good time to visit the Tweed with many anglers securing catches in double figures.

Berwick Fishing Information

The fishing prices in Berwick vary throughout the year and are charged per rod. Double check the fishing regulations before setting out. All sections of the Tweed Angling Code are adopted by all beats and must be observed strictly by rods fishing the water.
For more information about fishing the Tweed contact the River Tweed Commission.

Sea Fishing

The coasts and harbours in Northumberland provide visitors with a fantastic opportunity to go sea fishing. Charter boats will take visitors off shore from Berwick harbour for a day of truly magnificent fishing in our North Sea. When you arrive back specialities such as Berwick crabs and lobsters can be seen being pulled off the brightly coloured fishing boats in the harbour. This is a chance to impress the locals with your own catch of the day.

Berwick Fishing History

Berwick upon Tweed no longer has the thriving herring port that it did in the 19th century, employing hundreds of local people as fishermen; sadly the days of herring trade in the town are over but a trip to Holy Island just 25 miles away is a great way to appreciate the hulls of the old herring drifters.

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