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If you are looking for a places to eat in Berwick, there are some hidden gems to be uncovered within the famous walls of the old town. Whether it is pub grub or something a little more special, look no further, there is plenty to choose from. Northumberland and particularly Berwick upon Tweed have a brilliant selection of local produce on offer. Many of the cafés, restaurants and delicatessens pride themselves on using only the best local ingredients where possible and try to incorporate this into their seasonal menu changes throughout the year.

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  • The Meadow House

    North Road, Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 1UR 01289)304173
  • Pizziollo

    1 Prince Edward Road, Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 2EX (01289)332206
  • Hong Kong Chop Suey

    17 Kiln Hill , Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 2EZ (01289)306709
  • Roberts Smiths

    190 Main Street , Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 2AW (01289)304150
  • Baker Street Bakery

    35 Castlegate , Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 1LF (01289)309482
  • The Baguette Bar

    9 Hide Hill , Berwick Upon Tweed, TD15 1EQ (01289)303203
  • Bon Appeti

    2 Woolmarket, Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 1DH (01289)303222
  • Thistle Do Nicely

    8 Walkergate, Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 1BN (01289)332442
  • Cafe at Marshalls

    Unit 1, Scremerston,Berwick Upon Tweed , TD15 2QD (078563)73821
  • The Coffee Shop

    Golden Square , Berwick Upon Tweed, TD15 1BG 01289 309828