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Northumberland’s thriving and growing visitor economy has greatly shaped the type of shops and attractions in the town. Berwick is a hot spot at the North of England for holiday makers, which has encouraged businesses to cater for tourists in some ways; however the town still has a fantastic array of essentials to make living in the country as easy as possible. There are no big shopping malls or the usual mix of casinos and high flying entertainment centres but we have all of the essentials and much more.

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CALL 0800 690 6800
  • Mark Short Plumbing & Heating

    323 Highcliffe, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 2JN (01289)308976
  • Neil Swinney Plumbing Service

    7 Valley View, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 2ED (07936)784974
  • J.D Ross Plumbers

    57 Northumberland Road, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 2AS (01289)307602
  • M.A. Jamieson Plumbing & Heating

    15a Castlegate, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1JS (07949)132232
  • D Leslie Plumbers

    5 Mount Road, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 2BA (01289)330636